NEW Pure Volume®


Introducing NEW Pure Volume, the latest innovation from Pureology that weightlessly elevates fine colour-treated hair with 24 hours of magnificent volume*. 

The lightweight formulas with flexible volumizers, fortifying wheat protein, refreshing eucalyptus and the exclusive AntiFade Complex® remove volume-inhibiting build-up, infuse hair with fullness, and protect haircolour.

Indulge in our 100% VEGAN**, custom-care formulas that help MAXIMIZE COLOUR RETENTION while offering tailored care for every hair type.***

  • Enriched with fortifying wheat protein and refreshing eucalyptus

  • AntiFadeComplex® - Exclusive blend of potent antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens including Heliogenol, plus Vitamins C and E


  • Cleanses and reduces weight with delicate purifiers
  • Elevates hair from root to tip with flexible volumizers
  • Replenishes and reduces breakage with eucalyptus and wheat protein
  • Protects colour vibrancy with the exclusive AntiFade Complex"

* With use of Pure Volume Shampoo and Instant Levitation Mist
** No ingredient of animal origin
*** In a consumer shampoo test